About us


ONUR PLASTIK Premium Pipes & Fittings

ONUR EK PARÇALARI VE PLASTİK BORU is a Premium PPRC Pipes and Fittings manufacturer in Istanbul Turkey, with the trademark ‘ONUR PLASTIK’, established in 1999. Starting in the middle of the year 2000, Onur Plastik continued manufacturing using its own molds in order to be a part of the market and standing out from the other firms with its unique product designs. Since the inception, we are determined to provide a hygienic and quality water distribution systems to as many end users as possible at the most affordable prices. Hence, to deliver the best products and services in the market, we are constantly developing and upgrading our products, building new nexus with different organizations and adding new products to our portfolio. Our diversified, experienced and highly skilled team has enabled us to grow and achieve all the success we have in our business and with them we aim to achieve new heights in the building material sector.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company, with all our products certified and have warranty up to 50years, conforming to the European standards like TSE, DIN and also with the special requirements of the individual markets of our customers. Today, the manufacturing continues with a wide range of products, where we have 175 molds, 325 types of products, and 100% high quality virgin raw materials imported from Korea, USA and KSA, that are utilized within our own facility. And with the state-of-the-art laboratories in Istanbul, we ensure that our products are always of the utmost quality.

Our flexible approach to the challenges and strict quality policy has enabled us to grow into international markets. With the significant efforts of our export department, and support from our channel partners, distributors and our valuable customers throughout these many years, we have become one of the most valuable and a leading TURKISH brand in the markets of more than 22 countries in AFRICA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & LATIN AMERICA. We are always exploring new business opportunities in different parts of the world to fulfill the rising demand of Premium quality products for the water distribution system.