About us

Quality Policy

At Onur Plastik, we give the utmost priority to the quality of our products. We regularly conduct test with the laboratories and make quality check to ensure all products are compliant to our standards and to minimize the slightest chance for any imperfection occurring due to errors or malfunction. All of the tests, controls and verifications are done in order to assure the quality of the end product and offer reliable and durable systems to the market.

The laboratories are equipped with the necessary instrumentation to carry out all of the tests required by the product’s standards. As well as the technical means, we have a human team with vast product experience and knowledge, which is fundamental when detecting possible deviations or suggesting improvements in design and performance.

The implemented quality system controls the process from the reception of the raw material to the delivery of the end product to the client, thus ensuring that all of the phases of the different intermediary processes are carried out correctly in order to obtain a Premium-quality product.